5 Different Kinds of People You Meet in a Casino

A casino is a lively, colorful and fun-filled place. The minute a person steps inside, he or she will feel immersed in the exciting games. Both first-time and expert visitors can also agree that the casino holds colorful machines, bright displays and wonderful lights that can sure liven up the mood of every person.

But not everyone who visits a casino would like to gamble. Some go there to relax or to have a drink. What’s actually more interesting in visiting a casino, apart from the games is the kind of people that you get to meet there.


Young and Eager Players

They’re commonly referred as newbies. Most of them are in their early 20s, have a corporate job and are either spending their salaries for playing in casinos or just having their first-time experience. They are typically the ones who spend a lot of time in casino games and even splurge endlessly. Sometimes, they play for a limited time to try out every game.

Grandparents on Slot Machines

Grandma and grandpa’s (actually more considered as the novice) are the ones who spend a lot of their time playing the slot machines. They’ll be wearing match outfits and are typically rich enough not to worry about money anymore. They could win or get the jackpot, but what they’re really after is the fun and entertainment and the complimentary drinks.

Depressed Ladies and Men

They are typically those who have exhausted all their money that they don’t know how to recover from their loss.

Not to mention that they are seen drinking a lot of alcohol. This would only show that they are depressed over marital issues, family problems or probably from a huge loss from a casino game. Regardless, they usually show their sad and grumpy faces all the time.

The Big Spender

The big spender is someone who can afford to lose any amount of money can even bet large amounts. He doesn’t mind getting a huge loss; what matters is that the people notice that he is rich and that he can also brag about his endless money supply to play not only poker online Indonesia but other casino games..

Last but not the least is the

Curious Players

They are the ones who typically have no idea on how to play games & are still building up their game plans and strategies. Such players play poker even if they’re unaware of the game rules and the regulations. Then they visit different tables to put their bets and eventually, people get to see them asking how the games would be played. Still, they are the types who will try every mean to learn the tricks of the trade.

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