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The action game is a kind of game genre that includes physical challenges, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. The action games comprise of fighting games, shooter games, and platform games, though multiplayer online battle arena and some real-time strategy games are also considered to be action games. Today's action games are typically more complex than the early action games, but the genre's main aim is- running, jumping, attacking--remain intact.


In an action game, the player typically controls the avatar. The avatar navigates in the level collecting objects, avoiding obstacles and fighting enemies.The fights and obstacles deplete the avatar's health and lives, and the player receives a Game over when they run out of lives. The player wins the game by finishing a sequence of levels. But some action games have an indefinite number of levels and the player's only goal is to maximize their score by collecting objects and defeating enemies.


How to Play Action Games

An action game that's based on shooting, gives the player an option of upgradable guns, while another action game that's based on a fantasy world will provide swords and magical powers.


As the avatar progresses through the levels of the game, the health and life should be taken in context. The avatar can take multiple hits, but too much damage can cause the death of the avatar, and a "life" is lost. If all the lives are wiped out, it's Game Over. The player can usually collect more lives and health on their journey.

  • Level: Players advance through an action game by completing a series of levels. Levels are often grouped by theme, with similar graphics and enemies. Each level involves a variety of challenges. You have to complete the challenge without losing life and reach to next level.
  • Character Abilities: In action games, the player controls a single avatar. The avatar has the ability to navigate and often collects objects. They have a range of defenses and attacks, such as shooting or punching. Players may find power-ups in the game also.
  • Obstacle and Enemies: In action games, players have to encounter to certain obstacles or enemies. These enemies follow a particular pattern and attack the avatar. You have to kill the enemies or destroy the obstacles in order to move forward in the levels.
  • Health and Lives: Health and lives are depleted by the attacks and hazards of the enemies. You can find extra lives or health by moving into the level.
  • Scoring and Victory: Action games set simple goals, and reaching them is obvious. Killing the boss of the game make you win the game.


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