Strike Force Kitty League

Danny Phantom: Freak for All

Chaos Faction 

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Tavern of Heroes

Mighty Knight

Stick Fighter

Dragon Fist 3D

Super Mario

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

The fighting game is a genre of game which is most liked and played.The fighting game involves an opponent for the player and a fight happens usually for a set of 2 or if a tie occurred then a third K.O. round.Each successful attack will deplete a character's health, and the game continues until a fighter's energy reaches zero.Hence, the main goal is to completely deplete the life bar of one's opponent, thus achieving a "Knockout".Round decisions can also be determined by time over (if a timer is present), which judges players based on remaining vitality to declare a winner.


In most fighting games, players may select from a variety of characters who have unique fighting styles and special moves.This became a strong convention for the genre as these character choices have led to deeper game strategy and replay value.Although fighting games offer female characters, their image tends to be hypersexualized, and they have even been featured as pin-up girls in game magazines. Male characters in fighting games tend to have extra-broad chests and shoulders, huge muscles, and prominent jaws. Custom creation, or "create–a–fighter", is a feature of some fighting games which allows a player to customize the appearance and move set of their own character.

Fight Games also sometimes gives you a task or mission to complete in which you face several enemies and at the end A Boss(Main) enemy who is tough to defeat.The main enemy would normally be defeated through the combination of some special moves and strategy.


There are some special moves which are triggered through a sequence of a carefully timed combination of buttons.Normally a fighting game is hand-to-hand but now games are available with weapons.These weapons could be destructive if used timely.


Fighting games may also offer a multiplayer mode in which players fight each other, sometimes by letting a second player challenge the first at any moment during a single player match.A few titles allow up to four players to compete simultaneously.Several games have also featured modes that involve teams of characters; players form "tag teams" to fight matches in which combat is one-on-one, but a character may leave the arena to be replaced by a team-mate.Some fighting games have also offered the challenge of fighting against multiple opponents in succession, testing the player's endurance.


Here is a collection of our top fighting games for you to play. Play and win the rounds to make yourself proud...


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